Use IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN with ECA

The instructions are for RaspberryPi device and OpenLabs 802.15.4 radio chip. You can probably get the OpenLabs 802.15.4 radio to work with other devices like Beaglebone with little wiring and tweaking.


  • Create ECA image and follow RaspberryPi instructions in the earlier post
  • After booting ECA, load kernel modules (if not automatically loaded)
    # modprobe mac802154
    # modprobe at86rf230
  • Setup network interfaces (see also here)
    # iwpan dev wpan0 set pan_id 0xbeef
    # ip link add link wpan0 name lowpan0 type lowpan
    # ifconfig wpan0 up
    # ifconfig lowpan0 up
  • After this you should be able to ping the peer device via lowpan0 interface.


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